EDUC 4980: Practicum Dialogue

Peer facilitators leading Intergroup Dialogues (EDUC 2610) are concurrently enrolled in this three-credit course. Weekly practicum sessions deepen facilitators’ understanding of the theoretical foundations of Intergroup Dialogue, explore the nuances of social justice issues in greater depth, and further build upon effective facilitation skills – active listening, harnessing conflict for maximum learning, and promoting collaboration in diverse intergroup situations. 

The intercultural skills gained in the course enables students to take on facilitative, leadership roles in a wide variety of settings. In addition to facilitating EDUC 2610, our trained facilitators also facilitate dialogue workshops for various students groups and departments, including Cornell Minds Matter, the Student Assembly, the Prefreshman Summer Program, Residential Advisors, and the Public Service Center, among many others.


Prerequisite: EDUC 2610 or similar experience with instructor permission.

Please contact the IDP Program Assistant, Natasha Steinhall ( if you are interested in applying to be a facilitator for IDP.