Current Facilitators 

In Spring 2017, we’re offering 13 dialogues across 4 topics: Race, Gender, Socioeconomic Status (SES) and Sexual Orientation.

Jenna Chong ’18: Facilitator for Race 

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Inspired by a impromptu 4 hour conversation with Amiri, Jenna took IDP in Spring ’16 and fell in love with the course. She has a passion for connecting with and connecting different groups of people, an excitement for different perspectives and a love for education. As a twin, she loves using IDP to compare her experiences with her twin’s and honestly wondering “what went wrong or right?” On campus, Jenna is President of AIESEC Cornell, Vice President of Life Changing Labs and a research assistant in two labs.

Ruth Enriquez ’17: Facilitator for Sexual Orientation 

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences 

Ruth Enriquez is a Senior is the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences majoring in Development Sociology and pursuing minors in Business and Policy Analysis and Management. On campus, she is a Cornell Meinig national scholar, a research assistant, and a member of Delta Delta Delta Fraternity for Women. She has been with the program since Freshman Year and previously facilitated a race dialogue. She spent her last summer in Ithaca doing an independent study with Intergroup Dialogue to find ways to engage facilitators and students alike in deeper dialogue and self-reflection.

Lara Fayyaz ’19: Facilitator for Gender

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Coming from a family of mixed cultures, where issues of race and gender were regular topics at the dinner table, Lara has always found joy in debate. Throughout her time in Intergroup Dialogue, Lara began to see how the course’s stress on dialogue rather than diatribe allowed for vastly different people to work together constructively to solve and discuss social problems. IDP has left a lasting impression on Lara and as she enters her first year as a facilitator, she also seeks to discover ways in which she can incorporate her love of social justice work in her future career. When Lara is out of the IDP classroom, you can find her drinking copious amounts of coffee, writing plays, fighting for food justice groups, and debating with friends about many of the topics that IDP covers.

Jared Fiegl ’18 Facilitator for Race

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Jared Fiegl is in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, studying Communication and is pursuing a minor in business. On campus, he is a member of the Men’s Ice Hockey Team. He is also involved in a mentorship Program with Newfield Elementary, where he serves as a role model and educator for children in grades K-5. Jared really enjoyed his previous IDP topic in Gender dialogue last spring, and is looking forward to being a facilitator this semester.

Marisa Knox ’18Facilitator for Race

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences | Interdisciplinary Studies

Born and raised in Memphis, TN. I come from a city highly known for its music and BBQ, but also its involvement in civil rights movement. Participating in the Race Dialogue (Fall’15) opened my mind to the topic of social identity, and to the power and privileges I posses. I gained a more detailed understanding of the teachings and methods of IDP when I enrolled in Advanced Intergroup dialogue (Spr’16). As a TA I bring both perspectives and continue to grow as a teacher and a learner.


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