Workshop Program

The Workshop Program is one of the ways in which the Intergroup Dialogue Project works beyond the classroom to impact the wider community.

We offer workshops at all levels, including undergraduate students, graduate students, staff and faculty.

How does our workshop program work?

In addition to our course offerings, we conduct workshops for a variety of organizations, groups, and departments on campus. Our workshops are specifically tailored to foster social identity development, develop dialogue as a tool for communication, and enhance group dynamics while inspiring participants to explore avenues for social justice advocacy in their personal and professional lives. Through experiential learning exercises and authentic dialogue, participants gain practical skills for making their offices, classrooms, and student groups more inclusive environments. We enable participants to better understand the diverse social identities that comprise Cornell’s campus, and to learn how to communicate across difference. 



Our program has several key strengths:

We tailor your workshop to your group’s needs. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we can cater directly to your group’s needs and objectives. This may involve assistance with navigating difficult conversations or events, that incorporate critical pieces of both the content (social identity, privilege and oppression, allyship) and the process skills (active and empathetic listening, harnessing conflict for learning, and dialoguing across difference) of intergroup dialogue.

We offer thematic workshops for myriad contexts. Beyond purely academic or student group-contexts, we also conduct workshops that inculcate skills needed in professional settings. Themes include leadership development, professional development, group dynamics, and the practicing of skills for effective communication across difference in the workplace, among many others.

Our workshops are interactive and engaging. Rather than offering a purely instructional approach, our workshops incorporate myriad experiential activities in small and large-group settings, keeping the session engaging for all participants. Furthermore, participants learn to engage in authentic dialogue, and in the process gain practical skills for making their offices, classrooms and student groups more inclusive.


To request a workshop, please complete a Workshop Inquiry Form by clicking the button below.

What are our clients saying about our workshops?

“IDP presented workshops for a cohort of high school students on diversity issues and higher education. IDP was very flexible in adapting their workshops to the unique needs of our students. The participating students shared overwhelmingly favorable feedback. Students mentioned that the skills gained would be useful in everyday life situations, it was eye-opening for many, helped them understand their own and other’s different identities, and, for some, it was the best event they attended during their summer at Cornell.”

– Dr. Florenica Ardon (Advisor, Office of Academic and Diversity Initiatives, Office of Internal Transfer and Concurrent Degrees)

“The Intergroup Dialogue Team are incredible resources for me and the Hotel School community. It’s cool when you can brainstorm an idea and/or vision and your colleagues assist you with making it a reality. IDP is grounded in meeting people where they are as it relates to theory and experiential learning. I trust and believe in their work!”

– Victor Younger (Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Office of Student Services, The Hotel School, SC Johnson College of Business)

“IDP student facilitators are skilled and dedicated peer leaders. They have added a special dimension to our events and programming, helping us meet our learning goals while serving as strong role models for our emerging engaged leaders.”

– Mike Bishop (Director, Student Leadership, Office of Engagement Initiatives)