The Workshop Program is one of the ways in which IDP works beyond the classroom to impact the wider community. Our workshops are designed for various needs, including the fostering of social identity development, enhancement of group dynamics, and the exploration of avenues for social justice advocacy in one’s personal and professional lives.


Our program has several key strengths:

  • We tailor our workshop to your needs. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we can cater directly to your group’s needs and objectives. This may involve assistance with navigating difficult conversations, or events that incorporate critical pieces of both the content (social identity, privilege and oppression, allyship) and the process skills (active and empathetic listening, harnessing conflict for learning, and dialoguing across difference) of intergroup dialogue.
  • We offer thematic workshops for myriad contexts. Beyond purely academic or student group-contexts, we also conduct workshops that inculcate skills needed in professional settings. Themes include leadership development, professional development, group dynamics, and the practicing of skills for effective communication across difference in the workplace, among many others.
  • Our workshops are interactive and engaging. Rather than offering a purely instructional approach, our workshops incorporate myriad experiential activities in small and large-group settings, keeping the session engaging for all participants. Furthermore, participants learn to engage in authentic dialogue, and in the process gain practical skills for making their offices, classrooms and student groups more inclusive.

Student, staff and faculty groups, ranging in size and purpose, can request for workshops led by our trained facilitators.

To request a workshop, please contact our Workshop Coordinator, Alex Brown at